Episode: 88

Pushing Through the Funk

Pushing Through the Funk

“Accept those emotions rather than ignore them, in that way, you can truly start to work on them.” – Anne Hellgren

We know we have all been there, that place of feeling down and stuck in a state of funk that we desperately despair of being in, but struggle to get out of.

It’s important to know that there’s nothing wrong with you when you find yourself there. However, and I stress this, if you constantly find yourself in a state of feeling very low and/or for long periods of time, please seek professional help.

This episode is about the everyday things and emotions we experience as part of life. The ones that throw us off course and get us stuck in an unhappy or emotionally unhealthy state.

I share 5 things that can help us overcome those funk moments and help us deal with what we are feeling and thinking. Instead, we climb out of it, at our own pace, and find the peace we long for.

  • Acknowledge them for what they truly are.
  • Accept the emotions -don’t resist or ignore them
  • Zoom out
  • Reframe
  • Emotional, Spiritual and Mental Regulation

I hope this episode truly serves you and learn to work through the funk in a more productive and efficient manner. Remember, you are not alone on this journey, even if it sometimes feels like it.

So, can you please do those you care about a favour and share this episode with them? I promise you, many need to hear this more than you can imagine. Be that person in their lives who gives words of comfort and growth.

With love, xx

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