Episode: 12

Do Mistresses Have It Better than Wives?


“It’s important to make sure your partner isn’t the only person you rely on to meet all your needs. It’s unfair and unrealistic – to you both!”

In a society where being a mistress, side-chick or second wife is acceptable, I am intrigued to find out why some people choose this position and why the wives or girlfriends accept a second person in their relationship.

In this episode I will be talking about what attracts people, and mostly women in this conversation, to be together with someone who is married. What is it that they seem to be gaining from this kind of arrangement? Why do they choose to share a partner with someone else rather than have a ‘traditional’ kind of monogamous relationship? While it may be rather obvious why the men want to have more than one partner, I will talk about what other reasons could be drawing men to choosing polygamous relationships in todays society.

I also discuss why the wives or girlfriends of these men are willing to be in such relationships, rather than leave their men for what can be seen as cheating. Is it really as simple as western society makes it to be? After all there are many society that have for ages, and still do, accept the concept of several wives. It is part of their tradition and this way of living has had several benefits to the communities.

This talk is keeping it real and while what I say may be offensive to some, it is not my intention to offend anyone. I am more interested in having an honest conversation about how and why we choose not to have one partner, and why we are fine with being with someone elses partner.

If you feel like any of the content affects you or you wish to speak about it with a professional relationship coach, please reach out to me. I am always happy to discuss any of the issues that may be affecting you in your relationship/s.

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