Episode: 25

How Does Culture and Age Generations Affect Dating Behaviour?

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“I believe I can be a strong and independent woman and still appreciate the gesture of chivalry. It doesn’t make me a hypocrite, it’s from a part of my upbringing that I choose to still value.”

Have you ever thought how your culture, upbringing, or age generation affects your dating or relationship behaviour and expectations? Well, I posted a question on my social media outlets asking “Is it sexist to expect a man to pay for the first date when he goes out with a woman?”. The responses and comments were very divided and interesting. It inspired me to do this episode and will be sharing the responses with you! 

I will also be looking at how cultural differences, age generations, and upbringing affect our dating in today’s society. One that is striving for a more equal and non-gender stereotype way of navigating. Not just in our relationships, but in all aspects of our lives. So have we shot ourselves in the foot with this whole equality movement? Are we hypocrites for wanting change in one aspect but not another? Or is it still possible to be a strong independent person while still having expectations or preferences that seem outdated and perhaps even sexist (to some)? 

I know this topic will evoke emotions in many people, and rightfully so as I think it also challenges our values and beliefs. While I do not claim to have the RIGHT answers, I’m here to share MY Thoughts and views. I also welcome other people’s views and thoughts on this as I’m sure there are many and varying views on this topic. 

Drop me a comment on the platform you listen to the podcast on. While I appreciate a good debate, I also appreciate no abuse in any form to anyone’s posts or comments.

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