Episode: 34

Time To Clean Up Your Relationships!

toxic relationship

“The more I surround myself with good people, the more goodness I attract. The more I tolerate nonsense, the more it shows up in my life.”

This episode looks at the kind of relationships we create outside our romantic ones and the effects they can have on us. This can be positive or negative and can affect us emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually, and physically. Many times we go through life without taking the time to think about the effects and influence certain people have on us. When we live without questioning their impact on us, we can be easily influenced into thinking or behaving in an undesired way. 

My intention for this episode is to inspire you to consciously and intentionally ask yourself what influence your close circle of friends and family has on you. Do they uplift you, support you, and enhance your overall growth? Or are they the loud or silent voices that keep you playing small and toxic games? This episode welcomes you to look at your circle of friends and family closer with the aim of making wiser decisions about the amount of time, energy, effort, money, and love you invest in them! 

And if you are planning to positively improve your personal life, your career, business, health, and finances, remember, your net worth is a reflection of your network! Choose intentionally and wisely!

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