Episode: 44

Can A Relationship Work After Cheating?


“If you want to know whether you’re relationship CAN survive infidelity, have a very open and honest discussion of WHY it happened in the first place. This will also insight into whether it SHOULD survive or not.” – Anne Hellgren

Whether a relationship can work after cheating or not, is a very individual question and one that should not be made lightly. After all, there will be a lot of work and patience involved to rebuild the trust that has been broken. There will also be a lot of hurt, betrayal, anger and disappointment to deal with. The thing to remember is though that a relationship can survive cheating, and many do in fact. However, both parties need to be completely committed to making it work. And more importantly, both must WANT it to work.  And whoever was unfaithful should under no circumstances try to pressure their partner to take them back. And rarely does this shady technique work out in the long term anyway.

So this episode I will share with you 5 factors I believe you want to focus on to help save your relationship if one or both of you have been unfaithful. 

  • Authentic and undefensive apologizing. This means being honest about really being sorry for what one did- no space for blame projection here. One must fully acknowledge and take responsibility for the cheating.
  • Understand why the cheating happened. You need to have an honest conversation around this, no matter how painful it might be for the other person to hear. Honesty and openness go far.
  • Build up the trust again. No such thing as a good relationship without trust, so this must be rebuilt if the relationship is to have a chance.
  • Patience is key – so don’t try to rush the healing process. That will only cause a further drift or deny one or both parties the time they really need to get to the other side of the hurt and trauma of it.
  • Get outside help. Sometimes the reality is that it’s not possible to solve a problem that you’re too attached to. Get coaching, or therapy, individually or as a couple.

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